Imaging Tests

The range of imaging tests that can be performed are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Imaging tests that can be performed
Test Reason
Abdominal x-ray This is of limited value, often shows non-specific findings and only useful if obstruction clinically suspected. However, appearances can be normal even in obstruction. No role in standard assessment of patients with RUQ/RIF pain.
Chest x-ray (Erect) May show free gas under the diaphragm if perforated viscus (sensitivity around 80% so cannot rule out). Useful to exclude certain medical causes if suspected
Ultrasound (USS) Useful to assess RUQ and RIF pain (eg. gallstones, appendicitis)
Computed tomography (CT) Investigation of choice, although not always readily available, is costly and exposes patient to radiation
12-lead ECG General workup, particularly in the elderly, or to rule out medical causes