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Content Guides

Clinical Cases

a description of a patient’s medical condition, symptoms, medical history, and other relevant information, which is used as teaching for users. Clinical cases are typically presented in a structured manner to help learners develop their diagnostic and problem-solving skills.

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Learning Session

an educational session that covers various topics related to emergency medicine, such as clinical cases, diagnostic approaches, treatment guidelines, procedural skills, and other relevant subjects.

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Single Best Answer (SBA)

a clinical scenario, followed by five answer options. The user must select the one option that is considered the most appropriate or best answer among the choices provided. The purpose of using SBAs is to assess the learner’s ability to apply knowledge and clinical reasoning skills to make the best decision in a specific clinical situation.

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articles, updates, insights, or reflections related to emergency medicine. Blogs are often used as a platform to share valuable information, experiences, and knowledge with the Emergency Medicine community.

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Submission checklist

Uncovered Curriculum Codes

We appreciate submissions on all areas of the curriculum however the following topic areas that we havent yet got within certain content types. Maybe you could be the first to submit on that topic…

Priority syllabus topics (link) 01/09/2023


All contributions submitted to the site must be the writer/writer(s) own original work. We will not accept text that have been copied from other sites/resources even if the site has been referenced.

If it is found that the contribution is not original and has been copied from other sources, it will be immediately rejected and returned to the writer(s).

Plagiarism of others work will not be tolerated and if a writer(s) submits a contribution that is not their original work more than once to RCEMLearning then further action will be taken, which could affect the writer(s) membership and standing.


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