Explore the Frontiers of Pre-Hospital Care Research

Explore the Frontiers of Pre-Hospital Care Research
Applying for a grant during the second wave of a global pandemic, to complete my first multi-centre, randomised controlled trial (RCT) was never going to be my brightest idea
My reflections from the 14th NIHR Doctoral Research Training Camp Applying for Further Funding 26-28th June 2023
Getting Published: Tips from the Editors
NIHR Emergency Care Incubator Forum - June 2023
How to present your research in style
Reflections on undertaking qualitative research in emergency care
In 2017 the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) published its Training Review. In that document, the NIHR proposed that, to build research capacity in key areas, it would develop a small number of networking structures, to be called "NIHR Incubators"
On paper Emergency Medicine (EM) research is flourishing. There is growing demand to understand how emergency services are used and there is an urgent need to ensure that the medications and treatments provided in the Emergency Department are effective.
In December 2019 the NIHR announced a themed call for applications in urgent and emergency care, injuries and accidents. The NIHR Academy fellowship scheme is included in this themed call.
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