RCEMLearning is continuing to offer departments assistance with the educational structure of their Induction programmes by offering the opportunity to use our FREE ready-made modules of learning that is aimed at doctors who are new to Emergency Medicine or those returning after a long period away from ED.

We believe this course can form part of your induction package with content from the (highly respected) RCEMLearning team with years of EM experience from all 4 corners of the UK and Ireland.

We offer coverage of RCEM EM induction and a PEM induction:




Abdominal Pain

Attendances in the ED related to Alcohol

Back Pain

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy


Chest Pain




Head Injury in adults


Making a Good Referral

Medical Emergencies

Mental Health in the ED


Palliative Case in the ED

Risk Stratification and Venous Thromboembolic Disease



The ED rota




Abdominal Pain

A child with a fever

Child Abuse

Coughing, wheezy and Stridulous children

(de)Hydration in children

Decision Making in Paeds

Heady injury

Lessening the pain through play

Neonatal Jaundice

Minor Injuries

Paediatric Mental Health in the ED

Paediatric Seizures

PEM tips from someone who knows


The Limping Child

The unwell Neonate and Infant

When Weight loss isn’t a good thing

We currently offer the content in two ways depending on your needs and requirements.


FREE open access – no need to sign up or register accounts – Supervisors and Inductees can have access to all the Induction content modules(without the MCQs)

Select the Induction modules below and start sharing with your Inductees

Emergency Medicine

Paediatric Emergency Medicine


FREE – Hospitals can register 1 Induction Supervisor – the Induction Supervisor will then be provided with details and a registration link to send to Inductees for them to each register their own temporary (9 month) RCEMLearning Induction account. Induction Supervisors will be able to access reports on their Inductees on how they have performed with the Induction module MCQs.

The sign-up process for EXTENDED Package

First, you will need to register your hospital for access via our Hospital Registration Induction Form, this will inform us what learning content you require your Inductees to cover from the EM and/or PEM Induction Modules.

Once your hospital account is registered and created on our system, you will be sent a link to forward to your Inductees.

This is so that they can register for a temporary RCEMLearning account themselves.

Once registered, Inductees will be provided with a link to the Induction module content you registered for.

If you have already signed your hospital department up to the Induction content then you can continue to use the Inductee registration link that we sent you. If you have misplaced this or want to amend your registered department details, just drop us an email at induction@rcem.ac.uk.