Author: Robert Hirst / Editor: Fiona Mendes / Codes:  / Published: 29/04/2020

An 18-year-old man is celebrating his birthday on a Saturday afternoon. He presents to your Emergency Department (ED) after having attempted to open a beer bottle with his teeth. He is missing a front central incisor and is holding a bottle full of milk. He put his tooth into this bottle of milk approximately 30 minutes ago and ran to his nearest ED as quickly as he could, as his dentist was closed.

Airway: Patent airway.

Breathing: Oxygen saturations 98% on room air.  Respiratory rate 18 breaths/minute.

Circulation: Heart rate 82 beats per minute, regular pulse. BP 122/68mmHg Capillary refill time 2 seconds.

Disability: GCS 15/15. Blood glucose 7.9. Pupils equal and reactive to light

Exposure: Upper central incisor missing, slightly dental bloody socket, one large bottle of milk.

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