Psor Throat

Author: Yasmin Sultan / Editor: Adrian Boyle / Reviewer: Eugene Henry, Ashwin Prasad Shanmugam / Codes: Published: 25/10/2019

A 16-year-old boy attends the Emergency Department (ED) complaining of a 1 day history of an itchy rash on the trunk and upper arms. He developed a sore throat 2 weeks ago, from which he is slowly recovering, but has no other symptoms. He has no previous skin problems, is taking ibuprofen for his sore throat and has no allergies. His past medical history is remarkable only for recurrent throat infections.

On examination pink raised discrete lesions with a fine scale over the surface are present symmetrically over the trunk and arms, most marked proximally (shown). His eyes, throat, joints and systems examination are normal, and his temperature is 36.3oC.


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