The Forest

Author: Fiona Mendes / Editor: Martin Dore / Reviewer: Fiona Mendes / Codes: / Published: 27/04/2022

During the May half-term holidays, a group of families decided to go camping at a forest nature reserve. During their trip a 5-year-old girl and her 36-year-old father were bitten by ticks. Some of the tick bites went unnoticed, as they were busy hiking and happily playing.

Five days later, during the weekend, they present to your Emergency Department because they have both developed a stripy red circular bruise which is not painful but is continuing to spread. They dont recall any direct trauma. They have no bony tenderness and full range of active limb movements.

The father complains of a mild headache and muscular aches. The 5-year-old girl has had a low-grade fever and has been less playful than usual but interacts well with you during the consultation.

You diagnosis this 5-year-old patient and her father with Lyme disease.

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