The Twitching Tot

Author: Megan McKinnon / Editor: Ronan O’Sullivan / Reviewer: Louise Burrows, Amanda King / Codes: A5, CC1, R3Published: 31/12/2021

The paramedics arrive with a 3-year-old boy who has had two seizures today. He has known developmental delay but has no history of seizures previously. He was off-form this morning, refused to eat and then had a 2-minute seizure at home. Mum describes him as non-responsive with eyebrow twitching, and with spontaneous resolution.

She measured his temperature to be 39.2oC soon after the seizure. Whilst being transported, he had a similar seizure lasting 4 minutes, also self-resolving. It is difficult to be sure, but mum feels he never fully improved between the seizures and is still difficult to rouse.

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