Toddle On

Author: Steve Fordham, Eoin Colm Brendan Harty / Editor: Gavin Lloyd / Reviewer: Kathryn Blackmore, Amanda King / Codes: A6, CC3, T1 / Published: 17/04/2023

Harry is a 2-year-old boy who presents to the Emergency Department (ED) with a one day history of a limp. His parents do not recall any specific injury, but he is very active at home and is “always charging around”.

His general health is good aside from a recent cough and he does not take any regular medication.

On examination he is systemically well and apyrexial. His lower limbs are difficult to examine due to distress, but after some analgesia you manage to examine his lower spine, both hips, knees and ankles, which are normal. His left shin is tender to touch. He crawls without any problems.

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