Unwell after a Meal

Authors: Lou Mitchell, Steve Fordham / Editor: Clifford J Mann / Reviewer: Kathryn Blackmore, Lou Mitchell / Codes: R2 / Published: 20/05/2023

A 4-year-old child is brought into your resuscitation room with difficulty breathing.

A history from mum reveals that the child has no past medical history, medications or allergies of note. She had been at a friend’s birthday party and had become unwell shortly after sitting down to eat the party meal. Her main complaint was that it was hard to breathe. It is now 20 minutes after the onset of her symptoms.

She is crying during the initial assessment with increased work of breathing and a respiratory rate of 50. She is alert. There is a widespread wheeze on auscultation. Available observations reveal saturation 98% on O2 15L and pulse 160. She is warm to touch and no rash is seen.

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