Acute Kidney Injury In Children

AKI in children is associated with an increased risk of death, prolonged hospital stay and the development of chronic kidney disease. This session provides an approach to assessment and management of Paediatric AKI.
This session looks at disorders of potassium metabolism, in particular the presentation of hypokalaemia and hyperkalaemia in the ED. It also covers the investigation and management of these conditions.
Rhabdomyolysis is the breakdown of muscle fibres resulting in the release of muscle fibre cell contents into the bloodstream.
This session is about the evaluation of arterial blood gases in the emergency department.
For hypercalcaemia to develop, the normal calcium regulation system must be overwhelmed by an excess of PTH, calcitriol, some other serum factor that can mimic these hormones, or a huge calcium load.
Hypercalcaemia is commonly seen in patients with malignant disease. This session explains the assessment and management of the problem in the emergency department