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Author: Robert Hirst / Editor: Govind Oliver / Codes: / Published: 03/12/2020

Happy TERNSday, 

TERN has come on from strength to strength over these past two years. We have delivered a trainee conceived and designed national portfolio adopted project across 109 UK sites (TIRED), successfully collaborated with Australasian colleagues to deliver an international headache project, secured NIHR partner funding for three studies, published several articles, with several more awaiting to come. TERN continues to collaborate with RCEM Learning and has been involved in the creation and editing of over forty research education related FOAMed publications with tens of thousands of page-views. We are currently gathering evidence for a project looking at trainees perspective on research priorities. Look out for SHED next year as well

TERN is about delivering practice-changing research, but it is also about a great deal more. We want to demystify clinical research and make it a part of our everyday practice. We want to make research a topic that everyone feels much more confident about. We want to educate, inform, and improve the lives of our trainees. 

Part of that comes through delivering large research studies. Part of that comes through developing the network. We want to educate people, get the word about, and get people engaged in research and TERN. In order to do this, we are looking to get more some more bright sparks involved. We are looking for people to join our committee! (Interesting note: the group noun for common terns?  a committee)*

Benefits & scope

  1. This role is ideal for someone pursuing an interest in research and/or education and is fully expected to be deliverable in a remote, dynamic and flexible way as part of a wider TERN team. 
  2. The roles offer significant creative potential and the opportunity to collaborate with others and develop the network in any number of new and exciting ways. You can have a real impact. 
  3. The successful applicant will work closely with other members of the TERN and RCEM Learning research education team.  
  4. The committee role does not include a salary or protected time. There is access to a small TERN budget for expenses related to the delivery of these roles. All clinical study leave, professional leave and additional expenses will fall within the remit of the employing host organisation or deanery.
  5. The role would start from February 2021 and would last (provisionally) for 12 months. 

Committee Roles

From previous experiences we know that posts without a defined job role can feel somewhat nebulous. To avoid this, we have focused on roles with a defined remit. The numbers are a guide, and we are open to ideas regarding flexible working. We may expand the committee in time as need allows. 

Education Lead (x2)

The role of the Education Leads is developing educational material for trainees. TERN currently writes a monthly article on RCEMLearning which constitutes an update, an interview, or a discussion on a research topic. The role of the education leads is to produce these articles, recruit authors for interviews or discussions on specialist topics, and to develop other projects and collaborations with RCEMLearning and other services. These could include guest posts or the production of FOAMed resources, and we would encourage proactivity. 

  • Produce written articles each month for TERN. 
  • Develops TERN voice on the RCEMLearning platform. 
  • Co-ordinates collaborative work with other platforms. 

Events & Publicity (x1)  

The role of the Events & Publicity Lead will be to setup and run TERN-affiliated events. A long-awaited goal has been looking to expand and host a series of evening webinars / seminars on topics concerning research or educational topics. We are also looking to produce an annual TERN conference & AGM that celebrates academic research, provide a platform for trainees to present their work and network and would help in the selection of the next TERN projects. Your role would also involve organising this. 

  • Organise & host evening webinars / seminars.
  • Sources opportunities to present TERN more widely.
  • Organise an annual TERN Day / AGM that celebrates academic research, encourages trainees to present their work, and determining the next TERN projects.

Funding Lead & Treasurer (x1)  

The role of the Funding Lead & Treasurer is two-fold. They will be responsible with sourcing funding-opportunities and exploring streams for network sustainability. They will also be responsible for monitoring the accounts & expenses of TERN, in order to provide additional oversight. An additional remit (if the candidate feels capable) would be speaking to trainees to advise on research funding. 

  • Sources grant opportunities / funding opportunities
  • Monitors accounts & expenses 
  • Liaise with trainees looking for help with funding opportunities. 

People Specifications

Essential for all roles

  • Working as a trainee, clinical fellow, or advanced practitioner in Emergency Medicine or in a research role or secondment.
  • Prior engagement with emergency medicine research.
  • Able to commit to role for a year. 

Desirable for all roles

  • Previous engagement with TERN
  • Previous work with RCEMLearning 


Role Essential (role-specific) Desirable (role-specific)
Education Lead (2)

Interest in education and knowledge delivery.

Previous experience writing or curating educational content.

Good writing ability.

Competent with digital or social media skills.

Proven track record of delivering regular written content. 

Events & Publicity

Previous experience organising events or educational programmes.

Good social media literacy.

Track record of delivering regular events or large-scale educational programme. 
Funding Lead & Treasurer

Interest in research.

Knowledge of basic research funding sources. 

Experience in research grant writing.

Knowledge of research funding.

Previous experience as a treasurer.

Application Procedure

TERN committee roles will be made based on open competition. The roles as described above are offered at this time. 

To apply, please include your name, grade, deanery, role applied for and provide a 250-word statement on what you would bring to your chosen role, highlighting how you meet the essential and desirable criteria for the post to

Applications must be received by 5pm on the 23rd December. Interviews will be held towards the beginning of January following peer review and scoring. The successful applicant is expected to commence the post from February 2021.

All documents must be submitted in English.

Join our committee. 


I am not actually making this up (although I do confess; it does sound made-up)

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