A Stuffy Situation

Authors: Ivana Lutchman/ Editor: Steve Corry-Bass, Mark Winstanley / Reviewer: Kathryn Blackmore / Codes:  / Published: 04/10/2021

An 83-year-old gentleman is brought to the emergency department by ambulance with acute dyspnoea at rest. His oxygen saturations with the ambulance crew were 50% on room air and he was conversing in broken sentences.

His observations on arrival were:

  • RR: 24
  • Oxygen Saturations: 99% on 15L oxygen
  • HR: 71 (paced)
  • BP: 218/85
  • Temp: 35.1

His initial ABG showed:

  • pH 6.86
  • pO224.1
  • H2CO313.1
  • pCO215.1

He has a background history of an aortic root repair, aortic valve replacement and a dual chamber pacemaker placed for complete heart block. He is a current smoker and has been relatively well prior to this presentation.

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