Acute Kidney Injury

Author: Suzy Connor, Beth Newstead / Editor: Andy Connor / Reviewer: Suzy Connor / Codes: Published: 13/08/2021


This session aims to illustrate, through a series of clinical cases, the common presentations and complications of acute kidney injury (AKI). It will cover the diagnosis, investigation and initial management expected by those working in the Emergency Department (ED).

It is aimed at emergency medicine doctors and is not intended to be an exhaustive description of this area of renal medicine.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To be able to define and diagnose AKI.
  2. To be aware of the causes of AKI using the pre-renal, renal and post-renal framework.
  3. To understand the important aspects of the immediate management of AKI (fluid balance management / a medication review / exclusion of obstruction).
  4. To be alert to the complications of AKI.
  5. To understand the risk of contrast nephropathy.
  6. To be aware of the indications for dialysis in the context of AKI.


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