Antifreeze. To drink or not to drink?

Author: Shaymau Habeeb / Editor: Yasmin Sultan / Reviewer: Yasmin Sultan, Tadgh Moriarty / Codes: A4 / Published: 25/05/2022

A pre-alert was received for a 20-year-old female. She had been found unresponsive in her room at a local psychiatric unit. She had been out on day release, and when she returned was noted to have an unsteady gait. Shortly thereafter she was found collapsed in her room with a GCS of 3 on paramedic arrival. There was no obvious trauma, nor did she have any obvious pill boxes nearby. The staff informed paramedics of her previous overdoses and self-injurious behaviour.

On arrival, she had a temperature of 36.3. Respiratory rate was 35 with saturations of 98% on air. She was tachycardic at 140 with a blood pressure of 150/80. GCS was 10/15 (M-5; V-3; E-2).

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