Clubbing in Cambridge

Author: Yasmin Sultan / Editor: Adrian Boyle / Reviewer: Yasmin Sultan, Mohammed Hamza / Codes: A6, CC1 / Published: 23/09/2022

A 68-year-old man attends the Emergency Department one evening with a painful right knee. He has been experiencing discomfort in both knees intermittently for several weeks as well as occasional discomfort in the wrists and fingers.

On examination, he is weight-bearing. His knee is unremarkable except for swelling, slight erythema and general tenderness along the joint line of the right knee.

Having noticed his clubbed fingers (shown below) you ask some more questions.

clubbing clinical image

He admits to a 45 pack year history and some mild shortness of breath on exertion and recent tiredness. He has occasional loose stools but no weight loss. The clubbing has developed over the last 3 months.

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