In a bit of a jam

Authors: Sarah Devine / Editor: Steve Corry-Bass / Reviewer: Sarah Devine / Codes: Published: 26/07/2021

A 10-month-old boy is brought in to the emergency department by his parents. They report he has been vomiting and unsettled throughout the day but the vomiting has worsened and is now green. They report at times ‘he seems to be fine and then will cry uncontrollably’. He has not opened his bowels today. He has been growing well and has no relevant birth/medical history.

His observations are as follows:

  • RR: 36
  • Oxygen Saturation: 98%
  • HR: 152
  • BP: 85/50
  • Temp: 37.7 C
  • CRT: 3 seconds

On examination he appears unsettled and is drawing his knees upwards. His abdominal examination reveals a lack of fullness in his left lower quadrant. He is clinically dehydrated. There are no other positive examination findings.

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