More than just a DVT

Authors: Sophie Lewis / Editor: Nicholas Tilbury / Codes: A5, A6 / Published: 16/04/2020

A 38-year-old gentleman presents confused and drowsy. He has a background of fibromyalgia and previous IV drug abuse. His regular medications include zomorph, oramorph, diazepam and zopiclone. He had attended the ED yesterday with a swollen left calf and was treated for a DVT which was confirmed on a doppler ultrasound. 

His observations are stable. Bloods show urea of 48 and creatinine of 899 and he has a creatinine kinase of 102,5788. ABG shows metabolic acidosis. He does not complain of pain but his left lower limb is swollen and tense. He is unable to dorsiflex and tells you he can’t feel his left leg.

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