Necrotising fasciitis

Author: Yasmin Sultan / Editor: Martin Dore / Codes: Published: 01/07/2021

A 32-year-old man attends the Emergency Department (ED) with a fever and malaise for 3 days and is feeling increasingly unwell. Today he has developed discomfort and redness over the left side of his chest. He has no respiratory, ENT, GI, GU or neurological symptoms.

He has no past medical history and is on no regular medications.

On examination his temperature is 38.2oC, heart rate 115 beats per minute, BP 140/80, RR 14, oxygen saturations 98% on air and pain score 4/10. He has diffuse mild erythema and tenderness over the left anterior chest wall, with no swelling, palpable crepitus or abscess palpable.

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