Off yer bike!

Author: Sarah Heikal / Editor: Gavin Lloyd / Reviewer: Jennifer Lockwood, Ahmad Alabood / Codes: CC3, T1 / Published: 19/08/2022

A 55-year-old woman, who is usually fit and well, is brought in on a spinal board having fallen off her bicycle whilst going downhill at high speed. She tells you she was wearing a helmet and landed on her left side. She did not lose consciousness. Her only complaint is of left sided chest and shoulder pain. The paramedics have given her 10 mg IV morphine.

Initial ED observations are as follows:

  • HR 90
  • BP 189/87
  • RR 20
  • sats 100% on 15lO2

Her primary survey chest x-ray is demonstrated

Off yer bike 1

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