Propofol for Procedural Sedation in Adults

Author: Gavin Lloyd / Editor: Jonathan M Jones, William Gibbs / Reviewer: Joe Schrieber / Codes: / Published: 16/08/2018

This module covers indications for Propofol sedation, identifying suitable patients and those at higher risk of adverse events, a standardised procedure for Propofol sedation (protocol), strategies for addressing adverse events, a section on advanced procedural sedation and all relevant governance issues.

After completing this session you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of safe sedation with propofol;
  • Judge which patients are suitable for procedural sedation with propofol;
  • Modify your strategy for at risk patients;
  • Understand how to address adverse events following propofol sedation;
  • Address governance issues regarding propofol sedation in your department.


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