Shoulder Injury

Author: Samantha J Milsom / Editor: Jason M Kendall / Reviewer: Joe Schrieber / Codes: A6Published: 02/02/2021

A 26-year-old right hand dominant man is brought in to the Emergency Department (ED). He was cutting his lawn when he accidentally ran over the mower flex. On picking up the flex he inadvertently touched the end. He was thrown backwards approximately 2 metres. He did not lose consciousness.

On arrival in the ED, his observations are as follows: HR 70 (regular), BP 124/62, SaO2 99% on air, RR 14, Temp 36.2 C. His ECG shows normal sinus rhythm. He denies any history of chest pain or palpitations and feels completely well except for pain in his right shoulder.

On examination, he has two small contact burns to his right index finger, which are dressed appropriately. He is holding his right arm across his chest in adduction and internal rotation. Any attempted active or passive movements of the shoulder induce increased pain.

X-ray of the right shoulder is as shown.

Posterior Shoulder Dislocation_0

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