Tummy Pain. Again!

Author: Nicola McDonald / Editor: Maya K Naravi / Reviewer: Michael Perry, Muhammad Waseem / Codes: / Published: 20/11/2022

A 13-year-old girl presents to the Paediatric ED with a 48-hour history of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. She saw her GP the previous day and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Her vomiting has continued overnight so her mum has brought her in to your department today.

Her vital signs are as follows:

  • HR 100/min, RR 16/min, sats 100%, CRT 2 sec, temperature 37.9 degrees.
  • On examination, she looks unwell but is haemodynamically stable. Her abdomen is soft, with no masses palpable.
  • She is tender in her left iliac fossa with no guarding or rebound tenderness elicited.
  • Urinalysis is normal.

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