Weakness not due to stroke

Author: Jude Okoye / Editor: Yasmin Sultan  / Codes: Published: 26/03/2021

Joan, an 84-year-old lady is brought into the emergency department by the ambulance crew with complaints of new onset confusion and weakness. Her daughter said she was unable to get up from bed this morning, unable to converse, mumbling to herself.

Past medical history of high blood pressure and recent diagnosis of depression. She takes Bendroflumethiazide, Perindopril and Citalopram.

On examination she appeared confused and not responding appropriately to questions.

There is no focal weakness, temperature 37.4, BM 7.0.

A CT head requested by the stroke nurse is entirely normal.

Blood result shows:
Na+ – 123 mmol/L
K+ – 4.8 mmol/L
Urea 8.8 mmol/L
CRP 26 mg/L
WCC 10 x 109/L
Hb 124 g/L

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