RSI – Basics of NMBAs


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Author: David McConnell, Tim Nutbeam / Codes: A6, R1 / Published: 29/07/2015

As Emergency Medicine continues to grow as a specialty, newer fields are coming in to our practice on a more regular basis. This includes anaesthesia and brings with it more drugs and side effects that need to be understood in greater detail. The neuromuscular blocking agents are a great example of this in that they are integral to rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia but are often overwhelming when first studied in anaesthetic texts. This podcast aims to introduce the main principles in underlying pharmacology so that the trainee can start with something comfortable and easy to digest. It also offers a foundation for all to engage in the topical FOAM debate about which agents suit RSI best. As emergency anaesthesia comes more under the auspices of the Emergency Physician, hopefully this series of podcasts will make RSI in ED safer and lead to better outcomes for patients.

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