The Returning Traveller


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Authors: David McConnell, Dan Birley / Codes: CC4, O3 / Published: 14/08/2015

The Returning Traveller is designed to give junior ED clinicians the tools needed to safely manage these patients who attend more often – and more unwell – than we think.

It includes recently-updated clinical guidance on:

  • How to approach the febrile traveller in order to assess their risk for the most common tropical infections
  • Key examination and investigation findings that help the ED clinician recognise tropically acquired febrile illness
  • Clinical guidelines on the management of Ebola, malaria, acute HIV and other tropical infections
  • What to do if you suspect a patient in your department has Ebola-virus disease

Fully matched to the RCEM curriculum, this podcast will benefit anyone seeking a refresher on how to recognise, treat and safely manage these easy-to-miss conditions.


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