A Classic Case!

Author: Carol Blackburn / Editor: Ronan O’Sullivan / Reviewer: Chris Wearmouth / Codes: A3, CC1Published: 04/01/2021

A 30-day-old ex-36/40 twin, male infant attends the ED with his mother due to concern regarding vomiting of 4 days duration. Initially was 1-2 episodes per day, now with every feed. Vomits occur within 20-30mins of feeding, are projectile and non-bilious in nature. The infant has lost 170g in the previous 2 days. He continues to be hungry for feeds, and is passing urine but somewhat reduced in volume. He is irritable. The infant’s twin is not vomiting, and is gaining weight.

He has not been febrile and there is no known history of maternal Group B strep infection.

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