Ultrasound: Image Acquisition

Authors: James Connolly, John Sloan, Heather Venables / Editor: John Sloan / Reviewer: Isabelle Hancock, Hamza Shaikh / Codes: / Published: 12/02/2021


  • Ultrasound: Indications
  • Ultrasound: Physics

After completing this session you will be able to:

  • Evaluate various patient entry methods
  • Use key controls to achieve an optimal image
  • Explain how common artefacts occur
  • Employ artefacts to enhance imaging

Useful resources

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  2. Ultrasound training recommendations for medical and surgical specialties, Third edition. The Royal College of Radiologists. 2017. BFCR(17)3.
  3. Dr Balint Botz, Dr Ayush Goel et al. Ultrasound artifacts. Radiopaedia.
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  1. Jagan Reddy says:

    Help in understanding the basics to familiarise the probes, techniques and artefacts

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